Count Me In

A collection of songs composed by Eddie Purcell & Dorian Kelly, to help children  enjoy learning their times tables. The songs are available in a range of styles (including Reggae, Latin & Hip-Hop) and can be purchased as mp3 sing-a-long tracks and mp4 videos.

  • Suitable for all key stages (primary & secondary)
  • Multi-sensory
  • Ready to use – no preparation or photocopying required
  • Flexible teaching resource – ideal for lesson starters & plenaries, whole class or group work, or for teaching assistants working with targeted pupils
  • Great for introducing key number facts & consolidating learning through repetition
  • The songs are ‘catchy’ so will stay in your head – and the times tables will too!
  • Purchase a complete set to store on the school’s shared drive for everyone to access. Or put the videos & mp3s on the school VLE so parents & children can use them at home

‘Count Me In’ Reggae 2 x Table Video from modal music on Vimeo.

‘Count Me In’ Hip-Hop 5 x Table Video from modal music on Vimeo.

Count Me In Latin 10 x Table Video from modal music on Vimeo.

Scholes J & I School in Action! from modal music on Vimeo.

To buy Count Me In songs, please visit the individual style tabs: Reggae  Hip-Hop  Latin