Diary of Lucas Kelly’s Work Experience at Modal Music

Day 1:

My first day of work experience with my Dad, Dorian Kelly, at Modal Music.
First of all I was showed a brief to write some music samples for specific moods (happy, sad, hopeful,confident), and I learnt how to come up with ideas (through listening to examples) and conduct thorough research and planning. I also developed a previous composition that I had been working on (which was targeted at a wind orchestra). Later, I went to a Chapel-en-le-Frith Ladies Choir rehearsal and accompanied them on a variety of instruments.

Day 2:

Today I went to Ryburn Valley High School and observed some brass lessons, where I learnt about support from the diaphragm when playing a brass instrument and embouchure. Later I developed my wind orchestra composition further, researched about music in different moods and I completed a transcription of a song for voice and piano.

Day 3:

Today I learnt the basic midi-editing techniques you can do in a program called Cubase, including velocity, expression & volume and edited my wind orchestra composition with these techniques. I also wrote a one minute sample of action music, in response to the brief I mentioned in day 1.

LK MM Work Ex 1

Day 4:

I spent most of today editing the wind orchestra composition in Cubase 7, and have been brainstorming ideas of a name for this piece (perhaps “The Mighty Empire” or something of that nature). I also spent today finishing off the editing and mixing of the action music, which is now completed and sounding how I wanted it to. Here it is:

Day 5:

On the final day of the first week I carried on editing and mixing the sounds in the wind orchestra composition and I think it is around 80% finished, but I am allowed to complete this project out of work times to get it finished. I think it will sound great!

I also practised the instruments that I am playing in a concert tomorrow with my Dad’s choir, just to make sure everything goes well.

Here’s the wind orchestra piece:


I really enjoyed working with my Dad at Modal Music this week. Thanks Dad!


The Experience of Work Experience!

Hi – I’m a pupil at Holmfirth High School and all this week I’ve been doing work experience at Modal Music. Here’s what I got up to:

Mon 19/03: My first day doing work experience with @ModalMusic! We started by talking about the process of creating music for a library music company. We looked at a brief which was asking for Euro-House music. I then looked at some music on YouTube that was similar to what the company was looking for; analysed it to see what the main components of Euro-House were, so I could use them in my music. We purchased a few extra sounds from Producer Loops and then got stuck into creating our track. We did a 30 second full version; a 30 sec underscore version and then a longer version for a different project that Modal Music is involved in called ‘SpellZebub’. You can hear the longer version here: [audio:|titles=Euro House Track]

Tues 20/03: Today we put the finishing touches to yesterday’s Euro-House track and then we mixed and exported it. I also learnt how to make proper coffee and had a conducting lesson! @ModalMusic 

Wed 21/03: This morning I spent a few hours composing my own little jingle (from a written brief) in Sibelius, and then @ModalMusic listened to it; edited a few bits and then exported it as a midi file, so we could import it into Cubase.

Thurs 22/03: Today we finished and mixed yesterday’s jingle! You can listen to it here: [audio:|titles=Wooo!]

I also did some research on how to boost sales with internet marketing, and helped @ModalMusic create an order form and invoice for schools in Excel.

Fri 23/03: Today’s my last day @ModalMusic We’ve done some tidying up of the studio and I’ve typed up my blog for the week. Now we’re going to celebrate my great week at Modal Music by going out to lunch!! 🙂